Comment to U.S. Sentencing Commission on proposed priorities re Guidelines

posted August 6, 2015

The Practitioners Advisory Group (PAG), an advisory group to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, has issued the attached letter to the Commission in response to the Commission’s request for comments on possible proposed priorities for the guidelines amendment cycle ending May 1, 2016.  The letter addresses the following priorities identified in the Commission’s public announcement: (1) mandatory minimums; (2) continuing study of the overall guidelines structure post-Booker; (3) statutory and guidelines definitions related to the nature of prior convictions; (5) immigration offenses; (6) recidivism; (7) probation and supervised release; and (8) child pornography offenses. The PAG also urges the Commission make the reduction of a term of imprisonment under USSG § 1B1.13 a priority.  We believe this letter will provide you with some guidance as to the issues that the Commission will address during the next amendment cycle.  We also wish to recognize PAG members Ron Levine and Riley Ross for their contributions to the letter.

Response to Request for Comment on Proposed Priorities